• The Complete Lodge Secretary

The well-being of a Lodge largely depends upon its Secretary. He has a unique position in it, with multi-dimensional reflections. The Secretary undertakes almost continuous year-long responsibility amidst his numerous livelihood chores. In the past many Secretaries used to be permanent officers of the Lodges, with the benefits that an experienced Secretary would manage the affairs of the Lodge smoothly, but current thinking is that no one should serve for more than two years so that junior members can involve themselves in Lodge affairs. The newcomers to this office often lack experience and this book is written with this background in mind: to provide guidance on the one hand and to help introduce modern management tools on the other. Each major topic which needs some action on the part of the Secretary is given a chapter. Checklists of activities relevant to each chapter are appended at the end of the chapter with cells against each activity to mark the date on which the activity is completed. The general principles in this practical guide hold good for the side degrees as well, with only minor and contextual modifications.

By Gordon G. Hunt

Binding Hardback
Format 210 x 148
Extent 160 pages

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The Complete Lodge Secretary

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