• A Handbook For The Freemason's Wife
<span class="mednormal"> <div><strong>Why do men want to be Freemasons?</strong></div> <strong> How do you become one and what is involved?</strong><br> <br> Whether you are the girlfriend, wife, partner or close relation of a<br> Freemason or a Freemason-to-be, you will find within this light hearted<br> guide, the answer to almost every question you will initially ever need to know about Freemasonry.<br> <br> Everyone has heard at least one thing about the Masons, good or<br> bad, but what is the truth? Written by the wives of two well-established<br> Freemasons, this book provides a simple and straightforward guide to<br> the basics of Freemasonry, steering readers through the initially<br> bemusing concepts towards a clear understanding of the path of moral<br> learning in which their men folk will be involved. <br> <br> It demystifies the myths and puts paid to the rumours and in doing so, makes all readers feel reassured, more knowledgeable and respectful of a wonderful Craft.<br> <br> From the initial queries and concerns about becoming a Freemason,to the role of the ‘Lady’ at Ladies Night, the answers, advice and suggestions are all here. The perfect book for every Freemason’s Wife!<br> <br> by Philippa Faulks &amp; Cheryl Skidmore </span><br> Hardcover

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A Handbook For The Freemason's Wife

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